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 Body Beautiful Natural Cosmetic, Fragrance and Body Tx's

Queen Nefertiti, who reigned with her husband Akhenaten in around 1352 B.C, is one of the most potent symbols of Ancient Egypt and one of the most famous faces in the world.  She maintained her beauty and youthful appearance by applying Essential Oils and using natural products.  Now it's your time for the 'Beautiful You' in body, mind and spirit to return.   

Foot Massage
Essential Oil
Pain Free Waxing
Aromatherapy Manicure and Pedicure Treatments
Valentina is one of the industry's earliest advocates for healthier hands, nails and foot treatments. She believes when you are choosing your manicure and pedicure treatments that you should not have to compromise your health for beauty.  
Valentina offers the most luxurious non-toxic hand and feet treatments that are free of the big 5 toxic ingredients, cruelty free and vegan friendly formulations. 
Experience the nourishing aspects of these treatment as she nourishes your hands, feet and nails with the highest quality natural products and essential oils. Your hands and feet will make you feel as good as they will look.  
Keratin Lash Lift Infusion and Keraplex Lash and Brow System
The ONLY Keratin Lash Lift and Keratin Bond Multiplying System for LASHES and BROWS
A keratin lash lift is a cosmetic service where an esthetician uses a an infused keratin and most nourishing protein and vitamin enhanced ingredients that is free of harmful damaging chemical solution to “lift” and curl your lashes from base to tip. This process lets you see the full length of the lash, creating the appearance of longer, fuller, more curled lashes without extensions—it's 100 percent your natural lashes.
Healthy Lashes and Brows EVERYDAY!
With these non-damaging solutions, your lashes could never be over processed. 


Customized Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil, All Natural/ Non-

Toxic Fragrances

Essential Oil and SKIN'S PAIN  LESS  Waxing


Remove unwanted hair with Aromatic Waxing such as our Lavender Strip Wax and SKIN'S Pain FREE non-strip wax  for any part of the body for women and men.  No more ingrown hair.  The least painful waxing that you will ever receive! Experience the freedom of  experiencing the smoothest legs and other bodily parts....naturally!


Professional Healthy Make-Up Artisty


Valentina is a  professionally trained Make-Up Artist, who has been featured in the press, Music CD's, Weddings, Graduations and other special events.  

Enhance your natural beauty and diminish the appearance of flawed skin with a professional Make-Up Artistry Application utilizing Cosmetics that are completely Organic and  free of Parabens, Talcs, Solvents and many harsh chemicals from Savvy Minerals Make Up line from Young Living Essential Oils.


Did you know that many synthetically fragranced products contain  over 3000 different chemical ingredients?  To avoid this severe toxicity of traditional store bought Perfume, Cologne, Eau de Toilette, please contact Valentina to provide for you or a loved one,  a  "Customized Therapeutic All-Natural Perfume/Cologne or Body Spray customized for your emotional and physical needs in creating Aromatically balance in mind, body and soul utlilizing Young Living's Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oils.   What a great, luxurious, healing, unique gift that this would be for that special someone!

Eco-Essentials Environmental Health Consultation

Health Consultation

Did you know that Breast Cancer is 54% higher with 'stay at home moms'?  Did you know that indoor air pollution is one of the most urgent environmental health risks today?  The indoor environment contains hazardous chemicals in concentrations 10-40 times greater than those outside!  The average home has over 63 hazardous products in their home!  So called alternative GREEN WASHING products are sold in the Health Food Store and has over 19 chemical contaminants!  Every year, indoor air pollution is responsible for the death of 1.6 million people and 90% of CHRONIC illnesses are related to environmental factors!  Become 100% 'REAL GREEN' by truly GREENING your home and work environment.  Check out and either call or email Valentina as your Eco-Essentials Consultant to assess your home for highly, toxic Cancer causing ingredients that you will be very surprised to find in most of your day to day products in providing a safe, pleasant and highly vibrational enviroment.  


Take care of yourself, the one's you love and this planet!!!

Natural Quit  Smoking Treatments

End the torture and finally QUIT SMOKING effectively and naturally with the ancient art of Chinese Acupuncture without the use of needles!


Valentina, the Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa helps one to finally quite the extremely unhealthy. life threatening habit of smoking with Non-Needle Acupuncture utilizing Micro-Current Acupuncture and Meridian Balancing incorporating organic supplements and therapeutic grade Essential Oils to cleanse the body of the toxic effects on the liver and lungs and effectively combat the urge without the feeling of agitation. 


Finally by FREE of cigarettes with ease, joy and glory!


How can it get better than this?  What else is possible? 


Series of minimum 6 treatments recommended. Package price available.  

Does not include home care products.


This treatment also helps with other addictive substances.  Coaching also available.


Finally end this madness today!

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