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Aromatic Micro-Current Face-Lift

Acupressure face-lift is based on an Ancient Chinese knowledge in working with nature rather than against it.  Most people are not aware of the principles of acupuncture that it is also a technique of beautifying the physical body and the skin.

The Chinese have used Acupressure and Acupuncture for thousands of years-to restore the chi in body & mind; to help release stress, toxins, tensions that block the energy and the circulation throughout the body.  Facial lines, wrinkles are due to these blockages and toxins.  The Chinese have used acupressure and Acupunture as a beauty treatment.  They have used specific acupressure points to enhance physical wellness, fitness and beauty.

Our Famous ' Non-Surgical Facelift'
/ Micro-Current Non-Needle Acupuncture Facial  Rejuvenation  for a completely safe, Organic, non-toxic, non-invasive successful treatment of:
Wrinkles, Bags under your eyes, Hyper-Pigmentation, Scars, Acne, Rosacea, Dry & Oily Skin, Weight Loss, Cellulite, TMJ, Quit Smoking and Insomnia!!!

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Your face is ultimately a reflection of your internal health and emotional wellbeing.  Looking good and having a positive body image is not vanity, it is your road to a long, healthy and happy life. 


Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation is a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to a more youthful look and enhanced health.  With Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation (a mild millionth of an ampere causing muscles of the face to become more taut, skin to thicken, collagen to increase, tissues to heal more rapidly, and a general glow of health.  Treatment of acupuncture points, with the use of microcurrent only, enhances your health, rejuvenating your body, improving your energy flow.


With Micro-Current Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, you will look younger, and you will feel younger, with more energy, relaxation and overall improved health.


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Cleopatra Aromatherapy and Plant Extract Complex Customized Facial Treatment 

This is a luxurious customized 2 Hour Facial Treatment that utilizes the intensely rejuvenating Essential Oils and Plant Extract Complexes.  This intenive treatment facial is specifically customized to treat all of your skin concerns and create balance in all levels of mind, body and soul.  This treatment is incredibly active and after the treatment, you will experience the tingling, hydrating, intoxicating effects of this superb treatment Facial experience.  See and feel the difference of an Aromatherapy and Plant Extract Complex Facial Treatment from Floral Essence, Monaco.

Young Living Essential Oil Regenerative Orchid Age Refining Technology Facial


With the high anti-oxidant, exotic orchid petals and pure essential oils that nourishes and fortifies the most delicate areas of the face, helping to promote a more vibrant and youthful appearance.  With the highly nourishing, healing and regenerative properties of the Young Living Essential Oils and Orchid Oil, this treatment helps to firm, tone, clarify, lighten, reduce lines, forehead folds and give that elusive glow!  During and after this treatment, you should experience the tingling, hydrating, effects of this luxurious 2 hour pampering experience.




Organic raw food facial lift treatment
Organic Facial-Lift Nourishing Treatment Experience

In todays day and age the great majority of most Cosmetic Manufacturers distribute highly toxic, Cancer causing cosmetic ingredients.  Because of the fact that the Cosmetic Industry is virtually unregulated, looking into a specialized  ALL NATURAL product and customized treatment facial such as this one that is customized from ALL ORGANIC RAW FOODS and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, makes this facial the ultimate therapeutic, nourishing experience.   Allow your skin to literally ingest all the active ingredients of the specific foods that are chosen in this treatment to help create balance to your skin and help assist in the anti-aging process.  Come feel, taste and experience this delicous 2 hour experience!






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