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Raindrop Technique Massage


Feel Your Best with the Help of a Raindrop Technique Massage

Are you interested in a unique massage experience? You may be interested in the Raindrop Technique, which is a method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, back and feet. The treatment was developed based on the research of naturopathic physician Dr. Gary Young and is one of the services we are proud to offer to our clients. This noninvasive treatment helps correct defects in the curvature of the spin and aids in boosting the immune system. It uses antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapeutic grade essential oils created by Young Living. The massage itself involves an ancient technique called “feather stroking,” which is similar to effleurage. At Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa, we can schedule you for a raindrop technique massage that will help you calm your mind, body and spirit. We’re here to help, simply call us to book an appointment today.


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