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Our Philosophy

Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa by 'Valentina' is a tranquil oasis located in Downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada that offers a luxurious combination of pampering Beauty/Plant and Energy Wellness treatments and all natural based customized advanced Clinical Skin Care designed to treat a variety of  skin concerns, enhance your natural beauty and create healing and balance in all realms of body, mind and spirit.
Our signature treatments is our three-dimensional 2-hour facial which includes accupressure massage, lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue massage and a bonus hand to elbow massage.  We use only the highest natural based quality products and all natural, anti-aging treatments such as the Micro-Current Non-Needle Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Treatment or what they refer to as the 'Non-Surgical Facelift'  incorporating Oriental Asian techniques including  the "ART" all natural Age Refining Technology infused with Orchid Oil and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, the 'Energetic Facelift' through the teachings of 'Access Consciousnessness, Dr.Med Christina Schrammek Herbal Green Peel and highly regenerating Anti-Aging Facials, and Miessence, the World's first Certified ORGANIC Skin Care Facial Treatment and the use of ORGANIC Customized Essential Oils and Plant Extracts  in creating the most nourishing, regenerative anti-aging customized treatment and Holistic Plant and Energy Health Therapies.
In all of Valentina's treatments, she uses specifically Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. in creating  healing and balancing of mind, body and spirit through Ancient Techniques such as the Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex Reflexology Treatment, Egyptian Emotional Clearing with the Aromatic Transformation Technique.

Knowing that everything starts from energy thoughts, feelings and emotions and the energy that we take on from others, Valentina teaches and also provides the Access Consciousness Bars  and Energy Body Healing Processes, BodyTalk Energy Medicine and Ear Candling.  

Valentina is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Micro-Current Advanced Non-Needle Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Technician, Professional Standard Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapist, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Facilitator and Access Consciousness Energy Body Processes Practitioner, BodyTalk Energy Practitioner, MIND, BODY & ENERGY GDV Electrophonic Imaging and Eco-Essential Consultant and one of Canada's original Medical Estheticians  that worked alongside Canada's top Plastic Surgeon (Dr.William Middleton), Dermatologist (Dr.Somersal) Knighted Educational Doctor, Psychologist, Kinesiologist and Owner of the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies and University of Energy Health Sciences Inc. (Hon.Dr.Sabina DeVita),  and a few Doctors of Oriental Medicine.  
Coming to the top of her Medical Esthetic career and working with highly advanced Anti-Aging, quick-fix treatments, Valentina later reconnected with her Mentors and Teachers; Hon.Dr.Sabina DeVita revisiting Young Living's highly concentrated Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  As one of Hon.Dr.DeVita's students of the Integrated Aromatic Science Practitioner Program within the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies and the University of Energy Health Sciences Inc, Valentina began to  study this oldest form of Ancient Natural Medicine; Essential Oil Sciences and the GDV Electrophotography Imaging Quantum Sciences.  Aromatic Essential Oil Sciences which is the French, German and British Module of Aromatherapy is one of the main staples of our Alternative Natural Beauty and Life enhancing treatments for Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Valentina  also travelled out west to Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta to learn from other great leaders and teachers such as Acupuncturist and Physiotherapist Carla Green of  'Second Chance Face'; one of the most advanced successful, naturally safe, non-invasive, non-toxic treatments to rid Wrinkles, Bags under your eyes, Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne, Scars, Rosacea, Weight Loss, Cellulite, Quit Smoking, TMJ and Insomnia!

Valentina is also an Access Energetic Facelift Practioner and soon to be Facilitator and also an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Facilitator, Access Consciousness Energy Body Process Practitioner, BodyTalk Energy Healing Practitioner and Breakthrough and Eco-Essentials Consultant.

 Valentina's philosophy is that beauty begins naturally with internal health and flourishes with external nourishment. Experience this philosophy for yourself with relaxation, rejuvenation and the gently power of nature and human touch.  

We have a special rapport with all of our clients, and strive to maintain a welcoming, peaceful and nurturing environment.  A place where you can experience and enjoy total relaxation while your body, mind and spirit gets the cleansing and revitalizing it needs to reverse the ravages brought about by often a stressful life.  
Looking forward to treating you!
Take care of yourself, the one's that you love and this planet!
'Beauty, Healthy , Naturally - Epic!
Aromatically yours, 
Valentina Gadjaloff
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