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Natural Anti Aging Treatment


Are You Looking for a Natural Anti Aging Treatment or Herbal Green Peel? We Have Both at Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa

Have you been shocked by what you see in the mirror? Maybe you’re worried because your skin seems too dry or oily lately. Maybe you’re getting wrinkles or struggling with stretch marks from weight gain or weight loss. It can be hard to look at yourself and not like what you see, but there are treatments that can help you get back the look that you want to have.


At Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa, we offer a variety of treatments to help you correct issues you have with your body. One amazing anti-aging treatment is the “natural face lift,” also known as the microcurrent facial rejuvenation skin and wellness treatment. This treatment is a kind of non-needle acupuncture. We also offer a herbal green peel by Dr. Schrammek, which is used to treat bags under the eyes, acne, scars, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, and so much more. The right treatments can help with diminished elasticity in the upper arms and thighs, cellulite, weight loss, TMJ, insomnia and could even help you quit smoking.


At Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa, it’s easy to see the services that we currently provide. Simply click on “For Body” at the top of the page and then on the service that you may be interested in. Our herbal green peel and other natural anti aging treatment options are perfect for making you feel younger and healthier all at the same time.


Call us today to learn more about our services! You can reach Valentina at (647)-717-OILS or by dialing 226-299-0029. You can also reach out by email by writing to Remember, you can receive discounts and even free spa services if you refer your friends and family to us!


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