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Take care of yourself and the ones that you love.

Due to the last few years of the Covid-19 pandemic, families and business' have been doing a substantial amount of cleaning to keep themselves, their families and others safe.  But the irony is that most families and business' are using highly toxic products to kill and prevent the spread of Covid-19 not realizing that these highly toxic cleaning products are extremely unsafe to their and their customers health. 


 Did you know that indoor air pollution is one of the most urgent environmental health risks today?


Did you know that indoor air environment contains hazardous chemicals in concentration 10-40 times greater than those outside?


Did you know that the average home has over 63 hazardous products?


Did you know that so called alternative 'green washing' and so called health products that are sold in the health food stores still have 19 + chemical toxic contaminants?


Did you know that every year indoor air pollution and toxic chemical laden household and beauty products are still responsible for the DEATH OF 1.6 MILLION PEOPLE and that 90% of CHRONIC ILLNESSES are related to these highly toxic products and environmental factors?


When I learned of these statistics by the World Health Organization during my training as an Eco-Essentials Consultant taught by the Hon.Dr.DeVita, Director of the University of Energy Wellness Inc., I felt compelled to educate and help women and their families with NATURAL PLANT SOLUTIONS  that have been approved by Public Health, the Center of Disease Control and the Environmental Working Group to be 'REAL GREEN' that are of the highest quality containing all of the rejuvenating, nourishing benefits that come straight from the earth with the healing energy of human touch. 

Come in and experience a pampering healing and beautifying experience that will truly balance and nurture you in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.


Take care of yourself and the ones that you love.



Valentina Gadjaloff

Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa by 'Valentina'



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To explore more about all our services, click 'FOR BODY' link in the above menu and hit the + to scroll down to learn of all of our natural beauty and holistic plant health and energy wellness treatments in my 5 pages of body treatments.


Valentina is super thorough. She takes her time and really makes you feel like you are getting your monies worth. I would definitely recommend her and would go back to her for a facial again! She is great and very knowledgeable! Her products are awesome too!

Kelly G. Cambridge, Ontario
I was a person needing a massage to the pain that i was suffering in my back, legs and the headaches that i was having. When I first walked into this Spa, I felt a calm go over my body which I could not explain but was later told by Valentina that she uses the best of the best of essential oils which she was diffusing. It had a great calming effect on me which allowed me to relax as I waited for her to turn her attention to me as she was busy with another client.
When she spoke to me letting me know what she intended to do, I was a little apprehensive because I had never had a massage with essential oils before.  Well, I must admit, the Raindrop Technique Massage she performed on me with the Energy Medicine treatments gave me ease as it took my pain away and also helped straighten my back so I could stand the way I am supposed to be. The pain in my back subsided and my legs felt less pain for quite a long time.
Valentina is very knowledgeable, gracious and delightful to be around as she knows how to treat a client well. I am so glad I went to her Health Spa to have her work on me.
I definitely recommend her and her Spa to anyone  who has a problem afflicting them. I will maintain a client relationship as long as I am around.

Martin B.  Toronto, Ontario
Great massage, very friendly.

Jaime P.    Toronto, Ontario
The Facial and Massage were both wonderful.  Very relaxing and friendly.

Penny M.    Fergus, Ontario
This was a great experience - clean, competent, definitely going back!  

Vicky D.    Kitchener, Ontario
My appointment with Valentina was amazing!  She is very skilled and so thorough!  I felt comfortable and very relaxed.  I appreciated the gentle but firm touch, and my body did detox afterwords.  My first treatment was a great introduction and I will definitely be going back!  

Shawna H.    Guelph, Ontario
Best Facial I've had and Valentina is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  Overall, a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next Facial and try the many different services she offers. Being toxin free is a huge bonus!  

Terri B.     Guelph, Ontario
Very good and relaxing massage!!!  Thank you!  

Peter G.    Toronto, Ontario
I learned so much during this manicure and pedicure session. Loved learning and talking about Essential Oils, yoga and just general health.  Valentina is such a wonderful and caring person.

Kaili E.    Toronto, Ontario
Great service, great products!

Debbie S.    Toronto, Ontario
Great service and products!

Hanh B.   Toronto, Ontario
What a beautiful experience!  Valentina's Pedicure was the most thorough yet relaxing foot treatment I've ever had.  And her products are of highest - quality.  I'll definitely be back!

Marilyn O.   Kitchener, Ontario

PLEASE DO COVID-19 SELF ASSESSMENT before you arrive at


Due to the use of highly concentrated Seed to Seal Quality unadulaterated Essential Oils, please inform us if you were vaccinated or medicated within 30 days or less to avoid any adverse detoxifying reactions. If you have to cancel, please give us 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid the cancellation fee.




Looking forward to treating you! 🤗

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